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Our Story

FourSquare Woodworks, LLC

With 25 years of experience and a passion for working with solid wood, FourSquare stands for modern, minimalist design and a sustainable approach to furniture-making. For us, sustainability is not the latest trend but a fundamental philosophy, the basis for all our thinking and actions from the very beginning. 

Masterpieces made from solid wood

A piece of solid wood furniture serves to ground us in our world of nondurable consumer goods and fast-paced society. It provides a person with a sense of identity and roots. For us, the wood working trade is a jewel that we are preserving and constantly developing further with new techniques. We focus on the functional, and on high quality and build furniture.


Our home is in central Texas. We are rooted to this land not so much by our

location as by the knowledge that life in the United States is in many ways marked

by the conscious use of limited resources.

Our direct dependence on nature shapes our sense of responsibility.

The roots of our values lie in the respectful treatment of our natural habitat, the diversity

of which should be preserved for future generations as a livelihood and source of inspiration.


We draw from the wealth of experience gained over centuries in the typical regional woodworking of many regions throughout the world.

This knowledge, combined with both old school and state-of-the-art techniques enables us to produce gorgeous furniture with a high level of practical value. Our love of the material and our requirement to make every piece a masterpiece are what makes up the value of our collections. “Made in the USA” is a seal of quality that we live by. All of our materials are sourced right here where we live.


Out of conviction we are committed to acting sustainably and feel obligated to the principle of making products that can be repaired as this is the only way to ensure their longevity over generations. Repair and maintenance deepen the relationship between the person and the product. We have followed the principle of combining ideas, design and ecology since we were founded.

We process only hardwoods from sustainable forestry sources in the US and forego chemical treatment of the wood. 


It takes only one small gesture to understand our love of and enthusiasm for solid wood:

Simply run your hand over the surface of our furniture
and you will feel the inviting, warm and unique character of this living material.

The natural aesthetic of the wood stimulates our senses, and makes home truly feel like home.


We feel deeply connected to the trees as a valuable habitat. This renewable material provides us with one of the most attractive materials; no imitation can come close to its natural properties. Even long after it has been cut and processed, the wood provides a good indoor climate and healthy environment for many decades. Anchored in traditional crafts, this organic natural product is one of the oldest materials to be processed by human hands. The uniqueness of its color and grain make each piece of our furniture one of a kind.



Working with solid wood requires concentration and skill from every person involved in the piece. The high level of  training of our master builder (and apprentice)  plays a decisive role in the production of our furniture. This starts with the selection of the wood, which requires a trained eye – there must already be an idea of how the table top will look when the raw boards are compiled. Healthy woods transformed into functional and beautiful furniture in perfect craftsmanship: this is what defines our quality standards

about us, best furniture, beautiful, hardwood
about us, best furniture, beautiful, hardwood


The high degree of flexibility of our production and a marked sense of service of our entire team
make it possible to create bespoke solutions for our customers.

Enjoyment and creativity go hand in hand with service and consultation at FourSquare.

We hope you enjoy the finished pieces as much as we enjoy making them.

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